Category: Debt Settlement

Debt Settlement: What Does it Entail

Debt settlements are formed when a debtor is unable to pay back debts owed; hence rather than announcing bankruptcy they attempt to come to an agreement with the lender. The debtor might need to get the assistance of debt settlement company to help initiate, manage and seal the deal. Steps followed in debt settlement The […]

Resolution of Debts

Being in debt does happen sometimes but it does not have to be as bad as it seems. Credit card debts might not be as large as you think if you know who to ask and also how to ask for it. There is a possibility of cutting off as much as over 50 percent […]

Getting Rid of Debts

It is possible to run into debts in the business world but the manner in which the debts is handled greatly matters as it can affect the debtor’s reputation. Payment of debts might prove difficult if the debtor is low on funds and unable to payback at once. This situation is quite tricky and can […]

Debt Settlement: Pros and Cons

Debt settlement is a negotiation that involves the forgiveness of debt owed in exchange for a fraction of original debt. Different laws regulate the settlement of debt depending on jurisdiction. Professional debt settlement This involves a debt settlement company. The company receives the sum agreed at the settlement from the debtor. The company serves as […]

Debt Settlement: Process of Settlement

Debt settlement is the settlement discussed with a debtor’s creditor. This usually occurs with creditors that do not have the benefit of any form of security interests in the assets of the debtor. During debt settlement, the creditor most times decides to forgive large part of the debt most likely around 50 percent of the […]